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Power is knowing

Tom Lyons and Ian Kehoe are two of Ireland’s most respected journalists, working across television, radio and print. They set up The Currency because they are passionate about the power and importance of quality journalism.

At The Currency, our award-winning team is dedicated to producing in-depth business, public policy and economic news and analysis that you need to know.

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Our People

Francesca Comyn
Legal Editor
Stephen Kinsella
Chief Economics Writer
Sam Smyth
Senior Contributor
Thomas Hubert
Senior Correspondent
Rena Maycock
Business Columnist
Constantin Gurdgiev
Economic Columnist
Sean Keyes
Finance Correspondent
Ian Kehoe
Anne Harris
Leadership Columnist
Pete Smyth
Host, Potential Squared
Tom Lyons
Chief Executive
John Looby
Investment Strategist
Rosaleen McMeel
Writer, editor & brand consultant
Eoin O'Shea
Tax Columnist
Aidan Connolly
Agtech Analyst
Peter Kinsella
Markets Analyst
Dion Fanning
Associate Editor, sports journalist & broadcaster