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Ireland is a world leader in aviation leasing. But how much tax is the sector paying?

We know large fleets of aircraft are housed in Ireland by Irish-based aircraft lessors. But just how much real economic activity is the aviation leasing sector generating here?

“There is always going to be a cohort of people that look at technology as this necessary evil coming to steal our job”

Digital transformation is something of a buzz phrase and David Jeffreys is conscious it has lost some of its meaning as a result. Yet, the CEO of is ActionPoint believes it offers a real opportunity for his company – and for Ireland.

After a two-day court hearing, troubled Natterjack gets to go another round

A judge has confirmed the appointment of an examiner to Gortinore Distillery Ltd, the producers of Natterjack Irish whiskey, despite "concerns" and stiff opposition from one of its backers.

Having weathered patent battles, boardroom disputes and failed buyouts, Pat Alley is ready to turn plastic into wax

Entrepreneur Pat Alley has spent three years fighting on multiple fronts. Yet his enthusiasm for Trifol, a potentially game-changing business that turns end-of-life plastic into wax, remains undimmed.

KPMG reveals eight finalists for Irish leg of Global Tech Innovator 2022

KPMG is looking for a tech company to represent Ireland at the Global Tech Innovator final in Lisbon later this year. And that company will come from a shortlist of eight announced today.

The new face of private equity: “Almost half of our team have owned or run businesses”

Laura McCoy provides the boots on Irish ground for UK firm Elysian Capital, the new owner of Fastway Couriers. She says her second deal in one year won’t be the last.

Unpicking XS Direct: The €80m IPO candidate that left behind a €25m deficit  

New documents lay bare the financial plight of XS Direct, revealing details of how much the main creditors, including Beach Point Capital, are owed. They also disclose efforts to sell the company’s insurance book and intellectual property.

France is a booming unicorn factory. Should Ireland be trying to emulate its success?

France has come out a winner in creating a start-up nation under President Emmanuel Macron. But does a national strategy make sense any more or should we be looking for European-wide policies?

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Ireland’s generation gap, part 1: a generation devoid of assets

This is the first part of a series looking at Ireland’s generational gap - in housing, in education, and more. It is a theme I will return to again and again, trying to understand what is happening to our country, what might happen, and what we can do about it.

Bank of Ireland property

Sean Keyes on investing: All asset classes are down. Why not housing?

The arrival of inflation has upended financial markets. Everything is getting re-priced. Is it mad to imagine property could be next?

Francesca McDonagh

Should we just hold our noses and lift the banker pay cap?

Relaxing the cap would require passing a law through the Oireachtas. TDs would have to take a vote, and stand over it. It would be controversial, and the opposition would make hay. This is why it's probably not going to happen.

Retaining and attracting talent: Employers should now think in three-to-six-month windows

No one is sure what the future of the workplace looks like in a post Covid world. So, embrace the fluidity, make short-term decisions, communicate with your employees in an open fashion, and leave the long-term decisions for now.

Paul Flynn: A day at Croke Park showcased the best and worst of the GAA

The Tailteann Cup is another missed opportunity for the GAA to engage supporters in a meaningful way and create a sense of excitement around a new competition.

Sinead O’Sullivan: The structure of Irish farmland must evolve out of the middle ages

While many argue that we should not allow new forms of land ownership to disrupt the farm, farms are already in the process of disrupting themselves. There is a young generation of farmers that are in fact seeking to rent instead of buy land to improve their return on capital.

Sean Keyes on investing: Lunatics of crypto

Crypto is a confidence play, so it's very much not good for crypto when everyone simultaneously loses confidence in a high profile coin and loses all their money.

For the first time in a long time, we are facing an old-school business cycle recession

Although inflation data and commodity markets point to less severe price hikes than initially feared, central banks are now on a tightening trajectory and equity markets are predicting a textbook recession.