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This Dubliner wants to take on British Gas and Homeserve. And a string of heavyweight investors thinks he can do it

Trinity Graduate Simon Phelan has just raised £7m for his insurtech company Hometree, bringing the total so far to £18.6 million. He now plans to use the funds to build market share in the Home Cover and Home Emergency Insurance market.

Cerberus is a potential buyer for Ulster Bank’s loan book in the Republic. This is how it built its Irish empire

In a major report, we investigate the vulture fund's 52 Irish companies to unveil the property deals, the profits and the tax bills. Using Ireland as a base for aggressive European distressed debt deals, it is also moving into property development in Dublin.

“If you want to be a commercial artist, you need to know how to sell your work to be able to make the work that you want. You can’t let it control you”

Irish artist and furniture maker Sasha Sykes has been commissioned by a host of blue-chip clients such as Bank of America and Farmleigh House. She talks about her career journey, the magic of marketing and why every artist needs a business degree.

The Kerry Co-op project: How Civil War looting and curling at an ice-rink saved Kerry farmers from multi-million tax bills

Thousands of farmers in the co-op at the origin of Kerry Group were targeted by the tax authority over the status of so-called patronage shares. A new landmark case has revealed how the probe came unstuck.

From low-intensity to high-intensity training: Covid-19 puts gym owners through their paces

As the pandemic rages on, fitness businesses are facing danger once more. Some of the major players in the sport and leisure market discuss what they've done to cope with challenges presented by Covid-19 and their plans for the future.

Things fall apart – Champagne Football and the calamitous reign of John Delaney

'Champagne Football' is an astonishing story of how a man rose through an understanding of how Ireland operates and, more precisely, how Ireland can be operated.

Recruitment battle: Mason Alexander launches case against two former employees and their new start-up

Backed by rugby player Rob Kearney, Mason Alexander is a growing presence in the HR market. It has now launched a case against two former employees in the Irish courts, along with the company they have co-founded.

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Lockdown level 5: even at full flex, can the government save retail?

The Budget contained a no-holds-barred €17 billion package to support the economy. It had money for businesses, employees and consumers. Lockdown II will test whether the government, stretched to full capacity, is capable of holding the economy together.

A vulture fund named after a dog that guarded the gates of hell is eyeing up Ulster Bank’s €20.5bn Irish loan book. What could possibly go wrong?

Even among vulture funds, Cerberus has developed a reputation as being the most aggressive operator – both in terms of how it deals with borrowers and how it structures its operations. Could it be about to make its biggest Irish deal yet?

Once again, the eurozone economy is starting to lag that of the US

The world's three big economies – the eurozone, the US and China – have started to diverge. As usual, the eurozone is lagging behind.

Rena Maycock.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s talk about the violent frustration that many seed-stage founders feel in Ireland

The state is putting up €30m to help fund start-ups. Before it disappears, very clear definitions need to be applied about what type of company qualifies for this money - and it should go to the firms with the fewest funding options.

Thomas Hubert

Green shoots in budget 2021? Government shows intent with funding for home retrofits and public transport

As budgetary caution evaporates under the Covid-19 shock, energy efficiency, buses and trains are getting funded like never before. Can these new environmental priorities survive into the future?

When you absolutely must stimulate all economic sectors using ultra-cheap borrowed cash, accept no substitutes

The Budget 2021 trade-off is between spending big now and consolidating later. The government will have to work hard not to make that consolidation look and feel like austerity.

What are the limits of a budget minister’s power?

In the run-up to budget 2021, a debate is raging between those who think big and those who think very, very big. What constraints are Paschal Donohoe and Michael McGrath under?

Sinn Féin has proposed its alternative Budget. Do the numbers add up?

Sinn Féin’s tax-raising proposals fish from a small pool of individuals – those earning over €100,000, those inheriting property worth more than €302,000, those with second houses, those buying expensive houses, those with assets in excess of €1 million and those with private pensions. But does it all add up?