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Act, naturally – how casting in movies and TV became a culture battleground

What does it mean to cast a bankable star in a marginalised role in 2021 – thoughtless and crass, or is it simply an actor's job?

“We could all sit in glass houses and throw stones, but it wouldn’t be particularly conducive to the conversation”

The CEO of Cricket Ireland, Warren Deutrom, talks about his organisation's strategic plan, how the game represents so much of Ireland's past and Ireland's future, and getting back to normal in 2021.

One of BAM’s claims over the National Children’s Hospital contract has just hit the High Court. There are 700 more

The escalating row between the hospital development board and its main builder is threatening to spill over into a mammoth legal battle.

Online trading “scam”: US investor pushes fraud conspiracy claim against Irish firm

A High Court ruling has opened the door to potential evidence that a Dublin company was allegedly at the heart of a multi-million global binary options fraud.

Sentenial’s €110m payday: bankers, developers and business titans profit from sale of Irish fintech firm

The founders of Irish fintech firm Sentenial, sold today for up €110m, managed to retain much of the equity. But its share register also contains former Anglo bankers, a property developer, high net worth investors and a former finance minister.

New investors back Hexafly in fresh funding round

Established as a small-scale insect farming experiment five years ago, the agri-tech startup now ships biofertiliser by the pallet and has just hired its first chief financial officer.

The engine behind click-and-collect: “Maybe their bricks-and-mortar presence is their shopfront”

The founders of have been at the coalface of restaurants’ shift to online and “at home”. One year after they were forced to pivot themselves, they are now regrouping to power this new channel for more small businesses – in Ireland and abroad.

“We, as a business, try not to go near the banks because they’re so old fashioned”

The Burren Perfumery’s Sadie Chowen takes inspiration from the landscape to create contemporary natural products and a visitor experience in her multi-faceted business. Just don't ask the award winning entrepreneur about banks.

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Bending rules less absurd than the restrictions on outdoor training is a key tenet for many in Irish life

There has been a lot of contrition from everyone involved in recent breaches of public health rules in the GAA, but maybe the public's anger is because we're not a rules-based society.

Bland admonishments from Dublin, London and Stormont will do nothing to stop violence in Northern Ireland

The buses will burn out and tempers will cool but real leadership is required in Northern Ireland, argues Dr Stephen Goss, a practising Catholic who was actively involved in the Ulster Unionist Party between 2010 and 2015.

Debenhams’ workers will not get €11m. But updating the law would mean their fight has not been in vain

Those who lost their jobs when the retailer’s Irish stores went into liquidation one year ago were promised enhanced redundancy, but existing rules means there is no money to pay it. How will the stand-off end?

Stephen Kinsella

Stephen Kinsella: Privilege and Wealth. Us and them. Them and Us.

Outsiders can become insiders. They can do so by working hard, having new ideas, and getting rich, or they can do so by figuring out how to divert enough resources from the system to keep them comfortable. Wealth can become privilege and privilege can lead to wealth.

Disconnected: why have just two of the 12 recommendations of the state’s aviation recovery taskforce been adopted?

The transport minister asked members of the state’s aviation recovery taskforce last month for ideas to help revive the industry. Most pointed to the 12-point plan they submitted almost a year ago, most of which has been ignored. It highlights the escalating tensions between policymakers and Ireland’s fabled aviation sector.

Zombie fictions, binary traps & ticking time bombs

Expecting Gregory Campbell to stop being British is as insane as expecting Joe Brolly to stop being Irish. To attempt to force either is to resurrect the conflicting fictions and reset the binary trap of our traumatic past.

Anne Harris: Children understand the world of weeping they are inhabiting in lockdown

Lockdown has simultaneously stolen real childhoods while infantilising a nation of adults. Is there any hope that the Saga of the Shoes, like the best fairytales, not only reflects our society, but will be an influence for change?

Shame and vilification is easier than addressing systemic failure

Stephen Kenny will be given time as Ireland manager but last week's results show that the problems predate him and will remain whenever he goes, unless something more fundamental is done.