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Just days after being hit with a record €225m fine, WhatsApp has launched legal proceedings against the DPC and Ireland

WhatsApp is seeking a judicial review of the fine by the Data Protection Commission and has retained the commercial law firm Mason Hayes & Curran to handle the litigation. The case was lodged in the High Court yesterday.

Inside Revenue’s battle with Swiss drug giant Novartis

The Irish tax authority has initiated a legal action against Novartis, a Swiss pharmaceutical multinational with major operations in Ireland. But why is Revenue targeting the company, and how much is at stake?

“If you are going to invest, you want to get the best horses around” – The reinvention of Noel Moran

Noel Moran had an unusual problem: how to spend €148m, the proceeds of the sale of his business. A Central Bank investigation into his former company is continuing, but Moran is aiming to become one of Ireland’s top breeders. He explains how.

Interest rates, debt and Blackstone: How Henderson Park financed its €1.3bn Green Reit deal – and how the portfolio has performed since

Henderson Park is battling the state over last-minute legislative changes that added €65m in tax to its €1.34bn acquisition of Green Reit. But just how has the portfolio it acquired held up during the pandemic, and what financial structure underpinned the deal?

“We are in 3,000 CVS stores, 1,200 Target stores and in the top 5 emerging brands in Ulta”

From a standing start in 2016, Spotlight Oral Care has grown into a €19m business backed by Development Capital and financier Dermot Desmond. Co-founder Vanessa Creaven talks about the company’s journey, the importance of brand and its plans for international expansion.

“From my time in Cork, I know there is a big sailing community there. This is a chance to inspire our next generation of sailors”

In financial terms, Auckland is estimated to have lost NZ$145m (€87m) hosting the 2021 America’s Cup because of Covid. But Auckland native and former Munster rugby star Doug Howlett says the number does not tell the real story and argues the financial and cultural benefits would be immense if Cork is named as the next host city.

The Siteserv sale: Secret shares, bonuses and a boot camp

The co-founders of Siteserv, Brian Harvey and Niall McFadden, agreed on a deal to obtain 15% of the business following its forced sale. Neither its banker IBRC nor its advisors knew about the arrangement.

“I’m someone from a disadvantaged background who has had incredible opportunities, and is now in a position of enormous privilege”

Averil Power's path to CEO of the Irish Cancer Society wasn't a direct one, but when her life in politics fell apart in 2011, she was advised not to undersell herself.

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Sean Keyes

Sean Keyes on investing: listen to what the market is telling you

It’s fashionable to be skeptical about market predictions. But that’s mistaken. Markets are the best prediction tool there is, and you’d be wise to pay attention to them.

Practical matters of housing policy are downstream of a bigger question: how will we live together?

We are struggling to define Ireland and our society. Until we do that, we will never be able to resolve our most urgent needs of housing. We need to discuss how will we live together.

Amazon, Ireland, and the future of retail: To fix Ireland’s multinational bias, we must first acknowledge that it exists

Amazon is investing heavily in Ireland with its new “fulfilment centre”. But there will be an on-the-ground effect to that investment, and, in this particular case, it will be an accelerated loss of jobs within the retail sector.

Meat factories and dealing with the bull

Hannah Quinn-Mulligan reflects on the frustrations and inconsistencies presented by the authorities following her year-long investigation into Covid-19 outbreaks in meat factories.

Stephen Kenny can’t solve Irish football’s problems. No Ireland manager can

Stephen Kenny has no option but to take the approach he has. He may not get the rewards for it but it is essential for the future of football in the country.

“Throw the toys out of the pram, burn the house down and shoot the dog.” How Darth Vader shaped the DUP’s Brexit strategy

The DUP take no responsibility for the Brexit mess and the protocol they despise, but Jeffrey Donaldson's threat to bring down Stormont could bring its own problems for Sinn Féin.

How do Mayo win the All-Ireland? By persuading themselves that it’s not the All-Ireland at all

They tell you to savour every minute of All Ireland week. But that's not for everyone. Mayo and Tyrone will need to block out the noise and whoever does that more successfully will triumph.

Global capital is finally coming for the pubs

Low interest rates and wealthy investors are driving a boom in pub prices. Will there still be room for the little guy?