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Athletes are subject to increasing online vitriol. Could Dublin house a new entity to thwart the abuse?

The Digital Services Act offers an opportunity for Ireland to become the home of a new entity to stop athletes at all levels from being abused online, according to the United Against Online Abuse (UAOA) in sport coalition.

Behind the scenes at Tinakilly: The multi-million rift behind a dream wedding venue

Tinakilly House in Co Wicklow is an award-winning Victorian getaway geared at the wedding market, with a sister venue in Cadiz, Spain. Behind the tranquil charm, a dispute has been brewing between its low-key owners.

A legal hurdle: The British logistics tycoon and the Irish stud owner

Steve Parkin once described Irish stud owner Joe Foley as “like a brother”. However, just months after their business relationship ended, the UK businessman initiated a High Court case against Foley and his Ballyhane Stud operation.

Artist battles Eamon Waters in bid to avoid eviction from home of 20 years

Rathdrinagh Land, a Waters property vehicle, wants the courts to enforce an order for Kenneth Donfield to leave his flat in its Dublin 2 property. He is fighting the move as a five-year row rumbles on.

“The business owners I worry about are the ones that are so maniacal about finance that they forget about having a good life”

Podcaster, author and entrepreneur Cameron Herold has helped thousands of businesses to scale. And in his experience, the companies that grow the best are the ones that invest in people and stay focused on the things that truly matter.

NBI’s former shareholders could earn another €28.3m

Spanish firm Asterion has revealed the terms of an earn-out clause following its acquisition of an 80 per cent stake in National Broadband Ireland from American investors.

Material non-disclosure alleged in Greg Kavanagh’s High Court planning battle

The Wicklow-born developer is locked in a bitter planning dispute with a woman neighbouring his proposed 96-home development in Ashford. The row is marked by claims of bullying, extortion, trespass and now non-disclosure of an important Nama document.

“If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you have to have AI built in from day one”

Rebecca McManus is building a healthcare app that aims to detect cognitive decline in older people using large language modelling technology. Her family history drives her and she believes a career in sales gives her an edge.

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AI, Goodhart’s law and beating the stock market 

AI will certainly uncover new patterns and set new targets, but beating the market still isn’t easy. In truth, the sobering insight of Howard Marks is inescapable. We still need to be different, and we still need to be right.

How to maximise your exit – Part 1: Controlling the entrepreneurial arc

When they plan their exit, company owners often leave value on the table by failing to make their businesses as attractive as possible for the purchaser. However there are actions they can take to maximise that valuation.

Ineffective, dangerous and ill-considered: Citizenship revocation only serves the far right

By introducing two-tier citizenship, the restoration of government powers to strip dual nationals of their Irish passport falls into the trap that led so many French voters towards the National Rally.

The rise of fractional leaders: Fad or function?

Fractional roles are trending hard. Is this the future of work or just professionals hustling between full-time gigs?

Budget rules, spending watchdogs, and peak populism: Rewinding the week that was 

There was a time when rows between governments and their economic advisers on inflation and spending unfolded in oak-lined boardrooms. Now, they are taking place on social media.

Paul Flynn: In a GAA world of copycats, Jim McGuinness is a true original

Gaelic football existed for over a hundred years with few tactical developments until Jim McGuinness came along. In his second stint as Donegal manager, his innovating ways have hit new heights.

“Migration is used as an excuse for a lot of malfunctioning in France. And that’s not the preserve of the far right”

Both Britain and France seemingly rejected the advances of the far right in their elections but it hasn't gone away, as The Currency's editor Thomas Hubert and London editor Michael Cogley explain.

David Power was old school. Old school is still good, isn’t it? 

David Power, a co-founder of Paddy Power, passed away this week. Here, the company's former chairman Fintan Drury recalls a warm and thoughtful man who wore achievement, especially business or financial success, so lightly that he barely wore it at all.