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“Now or never” – why a financial advisor launched an online business selling high-end candles

After selling their finance business in 2019, Joe O’Regan and his wife Deirdre O’Connor were looking for a new venture. So, during the pandemic, they launched Put Your Feet Up Candles. O’Regan talks about switching careers, online strategy and future expansion.

England expects as always, but this time it is a different England

England's footballer and their supporters were once united in fear, but now the footballers have broken free, says Dion Fanning.

Believe in magic: Why the glory of the Lions transcends the hype

The Lions tours are mysterious, undefinable and captivate us, not because of the marketing guff, but despite it.

“It’s a poverty issue and it’s a fixable issue”- How one Irish woman made periods global news

The story of Claire Hunt’s initiative which grew global-reaching roots from her garden shed.

Brown Thomas and Arnotts should be nervous about a change in ownership

Brown Thomas and Arnotts are solid but unspectacular businesses, and that has been good enough for their owners up to now. But there are a few ways prospective new owners might seek to shake the business up.

Elverys, Edun, Schuh, Exergyn and Bloomberg’s PolarLake have all filed results. Here is what we learned

Elverys, Edun and Schuh are retail businesses. Exergyn wants to solve one of the world’s biggest problems, while PolarLake has long relied on the support of its parent. All have released new data and provided a future outlook.

Walmart shuts up shop in Dublin: why retail giant is relocating Irish data science and software development unit to the US

Walmart inherited a Dublin outpost when it paid $3bn for, the e-commerce business co-founded by Irishman Mike Hanrahan. However, the unit, which employs 100 people and occupies a landmark Dublin office, is now being wound down.

Icarus complex: The rise and fall of Peter Conlon, a tech tycoon who “wanted to give something back”

The serial tech entrepreneur has done time in a Swiss prison and is now facing disqualification as a company director having admitted personal liability for €2 million in missing funds from his charity fundraiser Ammado. So just what went wrong?

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The fall of Stobart Air is the latest manifestation of a disconnect between the state and the aviation sector

Stobart Air is collapsing into liquidation. Aer Lingus has shuttered its cabin crew base in Shannon. Ryanair is relocating vast swathes of its fleet overseas. Meanwhile, the state seems unwilling or unable to implement the recommendations of its own taskforce.

Should RTE be held to a higher standard when it comes to Paddy Power sponsorship?

The betting company will sponsor RTE's coverage of the Ireland team's World Cup qualifiers. Why?

Tommie Gorman: Edwin Poots, Brexit creationism and a dog called Fury

Arlene Foster mainly conducted her business with Sinn Fein through Michelle O'Neill. New leader Edwin Poots has already met Mary Lou McDonald three times which may show a pragmatism some didn't expect.

Regime change and corporate tax reform: Ireland should look to Switzerland for inspiration

The Swiss banking system experienced huge changes when banking secrecy ended a few years ago. But the sector recovered by playing to its strengths and finding new competitive advantages. As it deals with corporation tax reform, Ireland should follow the Swiss example.

Stephen Kinsella

What will the global tax changes really change? And how should Ireland respond?

The reality is that both multinationals and small states can, should, and will react to any broad-based change to the international tax regime. And Ireland will have to play its most canny game in its reaction to global corporation tax reform.

Rena Maycock.

In a vaccinated, brave new world, what now for the old employment contract?

Most tech companies are set to offer blended working arrangements, and the Tánaiste wants to make remote working a permanent option. But what about the companies who want staff in the office? Most employment contracts never envisaged a pandemic, so expect a flow of cases to the WRC.

Beware of unregulated investment schemes – the bad money drives out the good

Whether in used cards, health insurance, early stage biotech companies, Tudor coinage, pink sheets stocks or unregulated collective investment schemes – markets don't work when both sides don't have the same information.

Am I going to invest in Bitcoin? Is Elon Musk this century’s greatest innovator? Here is why the answer to both is no

By lionizing those solving cool, tweet-friendly problems like building rockets, we downplay people trying to fix more complex problems like homelessness, wealth distribution and social cohesion. It is now time to build the present, not the future.