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Buymie’s Devan Hughes: “Consumer businesses don’t come out of Ireland. It is really unheard of”

Grocery delivery platform Buymie's co-founder and CEO Devan Hughes is preparing to enter new cities in Ireland, the UK and beyond. He discusses bringing workers from the devastated hospitality industry into the gig economy and raising over €10 million from venture capitalists who normally look away from Irish consumer-facing businesses.

Here comes everybody: Future Analytics on scaling up a company, and a country

William Hynes and Stephen Purcell started Future Analytics, an economics and planning consultancy in 2010. Ten years later the company employed 27 staff, and in October it was acquired by KPMG. They talk about building a business, and how Ireland can build infrastructure for its growing population.

Disbanding the Emerald Project: Nielsen liquidates $3bn Irish debt machine

Over the past decade, the New York-headquartered global marketing intelligence giant used Irish companies to funnel multi-billion intercompany loans to its US business. The three Dublin-based vehicles have just gone into liquidation – but what have they achieved?

A ‘J Carthy’ lands on the Datalex share register with a chunky position

Datalex is unable to say who its new shareholder is or when he or she bought in. But Carthy joins Dermot Desmond as a big backer of the company which has turned a corner and hiked its forecasts.

Settlement reached over Tidey asset transfers

Assets including a high-profile property in south Co Dublin were at the centre of a multi-million legal battle between the state's bankruptcy trustee and businessman Alistair Tidey – until the dispute was settled out of court.

‘Sheds to beds’ and ‘hub and spoke’: TWM’s O’Neill on how Covid will impact Irish property

Sean O’Neill’s TWM has advised on a string of property deals since launching during the last crash. He believes Covid will drive the “hub and spoke” office model, and that some commercial properties will become residential. And, there might even be a miniboom.

A change in leadership: The current trends around CEO appointments

Global recruitment giant Heidrick & Struggles has assessed the backgrounds of all ISEQ 20 CEOs to understand the skills and experiences that shaped their path to the top role. This is what they learned.

Debt enforcement lawsuits fell 82% last year – but the debts have not gone away

From 1,000 cases in 2019, High Court debt enforcement actions by banks and vulture funds fell to fewer than 200 last year. Who is still suing borrowers in the middle of a pandemic, who is not – and what is coming next?

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How does an accountant earning the minimum wage get a €10m house and holiday homes in Spain and Florida?

An accountant showed an average annual income of just €12,302 for ten years. Out of that, he managed to maintain a spouse, three privately educated school-going children and lived in a house complete with an indoor swimming pool which later sold for €10m.

A beginners guide to financial markets: Part 9 – the final instalment

In the ninth and final instalment of my guide to the financial markets, I am looking at stock investing, the threat to the dollar dominance and the challenges of low bond yields.

Lynn Ruane: The moment you remove options and choice, you have force

Along with blame, there must be accountability and that is why the State must now provide justice for the survivors of Mother and Baby Homes

The new FAI needs to stand for something and to do so it must avoid sponsorship from betting companies

The FAI has endured an existential crisis and, like all sporting bodies, it is also dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus, but if the association is to emerge in a better place, it can't have a bookmaker as its main sponsor.

Spin-off talks value Kerry Group’s dairy processing business at three times Glanbia’s. Is it worth it?

The historic Kerry Co-op is in advanced talks with the wider food group to regain control of its domestic agribusiness. The deal is a high-stakes bet for the farmers, and part of a final focus on high-tech ingredients for Kerry Group.

Ireland’s about to get 1.1 million new citizens, and there are only three ways to accommodate them

Ireland's growing population gives it an opportunity to do something ambitious: create dense, liveable cities as good as the best in Northern Europe and Japan.

Biden, Harris and the unbearable lightness of winning

Since the start of the pandemic, the US Federal debt has ballooned. To implement many of the new administration’s longer-term objectives, Congress will have to find trillions in new spending capacity. And they will have to do this against all political odds and market sentiment.

Thomas Hubert

Two in five hauliers fail to obtain Brexit entry form. These are not “teething problems”

There is little chance that sufficient flexibility or capacity will materialise to soften the blow of the new EU-UK trade relationship. Much like Covid-19 lockdowns, public policy is now to take the Brexit hit and compensate those most affected.