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Co Kerry tax software firm deal makes millionaires from Killorglin to Warsaw

Fexco scion John McCarthy, his family and colleagues are in line for a €165 million windfall from the sale of their company Taxamo. They have successfully capitalised on the combined effects of the boom in online shopping, Brexit and an EU crackdown on Vat evasion.

“We want to be the engine for your home and your lifestyle rather than specifically your car”

Mick and Ciaran Crean have just bought back 40% of their e-commerce business from investors. They explain why they did it and how they plan to grow sales at to €20 million.

Industry veteran Colm O’Neill on how telecoms executives think about strategy

Having run a £4.4 billion business for BT, Colm O'Neill is back in Ireland as a partner with KPMG. He shares his thoughts on what telecoms companies are good at, how they think, and the opportunities and threats headed their way.

Xtremepush scores partner in e-commerce giant Shopify

Tommy Kearns’s company Xtremepush continues to grow through acquisitions and partnerships, the latest being Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify.

Some of the world’s biggest insurance companies are suing Perrigo in Dublin. Here is why

As Perrigo tries to settle its €1.64 billion tax bill in Dublin, the healthcare giant continues to fight disgruntled investors in a class action securities lawsuit in the US. Now its insurers have filed proceedings.

Why is global private equity – and Goldman Sachs – competing to buy small Irish insurance brokers?

Ireland's insurance brokers have always been small and locally focused. But a wave of wealthy buyers from the UK and US have upended the industry. What will it mean for Irish insurance premiums? And how is foreign ownership changing the country?

Irish lawyer to take the helm at London magic circle firm

UCD graduate Aedamar Comiskey makes history as the first female senior partner in Linklaters’ 183-year history.

The IMF’s point man on Ireland on increasing taxes, fixing the housing crisis and helping SMEs survive the pandemic

Khaled Sakr led the IMF’s recent mission to Ireland. In an extensive interview, he talks about how the crisis accelerated a two-tier economy, the need to get more women into the labour force and institutional investors in the housing market.

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We need a new institution to solve climate change via technology, green innovation, and SME dynamism

Multiple assessments of the Irish economy agree that the long-term issues facing us are intergenerational inequality, firms dealing with technological change, and climate change. Here is how we can tackle them.

A year on, FBD has yet to say if its reinsurers are covering Covid business interruption claims

Even now, after a mammoth High Court case, practically nothing is known about FBD’s reinsurance policy. Other insurers have been open and transparent. FBD has said surprisingly little. Just what is going on?

Sustained economic profits are the holy grail. That is why Visa is a perfect business

Visa is the rare business that ticks all the boxes. It's profitable, capital efficient, and its competitors can't touch it. How did it get so dominant?

Goodbody is proposing Reits for renewables. A “crazy idea” or a worthwhile policy?

An informal suggestion from a leading stockbroker to a minister made it into a formal disclosure: If tax-transparent investment structures were so successful to channel capital into property, why not roll them out to green energy? There is more to it than meets the eye.

Boom Supersonic has declared war on commercial aviation. What could it mean for airlines, lessors and consumers?

Colorado start-up Boom is promising to bring back supersonic travel. To understand if it can succeed, you have to understand why Concorde ultimately failed, and also examine the competing interests of aircraft manufacturers and airlines.

Lockdown, liquidity and respite for homebuyers: what the data tells us about the outlook for house prices

A truly extraordinary set of circumstances over the past year created a spike in prices. But it is very likely to be just that – a temporary spike, rather than a permanent shift. To understand why, you have to look at the core data.

How Alan McLoughlin and Jack Charlton’s Ireland made the pursuit of happiness routine

Alan McLoughlin's death was a reminder of how Ireland changed for the better during the Charlton years.

This land is their land: Noonan-omics, cuckoo funds and the Irish housing crisis

The sale of an entire housing estate in Co Kildare did not happen by accident. It occurred because of policy choices that the Irish state made over the past eight years – choices that have changed the nature of home ownership and distorted the housing market.