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Veteran accountant Tony Kelly sets up own business

The former managing partner of Dublin-based accountancy BCK has decided to go out on his own.

How stock market turmoil is hitting the pay packet of Amazon’s Dublin workers in four graphs

The technology giant’s fastest-growing Irish subsidiary paid hundreds of R&D staff €50 million in Amazon shares last year. How much will they get this year?

Same temperature, less energy: What HT Materials plans to do after closing $15m funding round

The fluids traditionally used in heating and cooling are notoriously energy-inefficient, yet there had been no progress for decades in this area. With an easy-to-use product, HT Materials has caught the eye of high-profile global investors.

“You say you can’t find the women? We’ll find them”: Seema Hingorani’s plan to recruit more women to finance

Seema Hingorani was a powerful chief investment officer with responsibility for $160 billion in assets. But a twist of fate led her to build a new organisation to recruit women into the investment industry.

How shares of an Irish-backed investment company with a mesh of interests collapsed 96% in 18 months

At its peak in July 2021, Asimilar was worth £93.5m. Today it's worth £3.9m. How did the company, which is popular with Irish high-net-worth investors, rise so high? And why did it fall so fast?

Recruitment giant Indeed expected to let go 200 in Dublin

The online recruitment multinational will inform affected workers this evening of the latest job cuts, following a similar announcement by Meta last week.

The Tommy Kelly interview: Part two – Deploying a fortune, fear of failure, and the Irish economy

Tommy Kelly made his fortune from logistics and e-commerce. In the second part of this incisive interview, he explains how he intends to deploy the capital and gives his take on the future of the Irish economy.

On the road again: Kealan Lennon has reached CleverCards’ moment of scalability and is on the hunt for investors

With the global horsepower of Mastercard as its payments partner, CleverCards may be about to hit its stride. Its founder talks about raising €25m, geographic expansion, and Stripe.

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Sean Keyes on investing: Three notes on the mini financial crisis

Granted, Credit Suisse was a bad bank. But it's unsettling to see any bank with a thick capital cushion going to the wall.

Francesca Comyn

Post-Brexit criminal defence lawyers and other mythical creatures

Criminal barristers are planning strike action this May over the government's refusal to restore austerity pay cuts. What else can they do without a post-Brexit centre of excellence bargaining chip to play with?

The C-suite: How to know when to make the move (and what to do when you make the call)

I am often asked to meet with people who are looking to make that big, very personal decision: What to do next?

Banking woes, Eddie Wilson’s Ryanair journey and remembering Liam O’Dwyer: Rewinding the week that was

Fourteen years after the so-called St Patrick's Day Massacre, have we learned the lessons of the past? We might be about to find out.

Evan Ferguson, Cheltenham, and the future of Irish football

There is no logic to the status quo when it comes to horseracing and greyhound racing receiving the money they do from the gambling levy. And an annual rout at Cheltenham doesn't change that.

Sinead O’Sullivan: I would never in 100 million years allow my children to play rugby

If I were a betting person, I would bet my bottom dollar that the future trajectory of rugby will nearly exactly mirror the demise of the National Football League (NFL) in the US.

Brett Igoe: This is a week when the team behind the team reveal themselves

Ireland's superior pool of players and coaching staff, including two RFU rejects and experienced backroom personnel, have provided them with a consistent selection that will enable them to secure the win against England.

Truly High Performing People are selfish psychopaths. Why? Because they have to be

A High Performing Person cannot be a Normal Person. The laws of economics, physics, and biology do not permit it. You can be one, or the other, but not both. Ah, tradeoffs!