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For Quinn and country: Sean Quinn gambled and lost again with RTÉ documentary

Like the gambling addict he surely was, Sean Quinn kept going as the Anglo share price dipped, he doubled down, chasing his losses, and eventually lost everything. Compulsive gamblers often bet on pursuits they know nothing about.

Codename X3T: The tech start-up spun out by NBI’s shareholders and staff

The investors brought along by David McCourt since he won the National Broadband Plan contract are forming a new company to commercialise related technology and turn the team who developed it into a permanent “centre of excellence”. Strict procurement rules apply.

Hiring, firing and taxpaying: One year at Meta and Google in Ireland

New information from multiple subsidiaries of the two digital advertising giants in Ireland reveal how they operate in the post-double Irish world and how ready they are to take on the industry slump.

Why the Central Bank will pay the banks about two billion next year (and the next year, and the next…)

Back when the Central Bank was trying to stimulate the economy, it spent more than a hundred billion buying government bonds. Now that rates are going up, it finds itself paying interest on that spending. The bill will not be small.

On closer inspection: a Christmas tree trail that leads to Spain, Google and back to the High Court

Four months after the High Court appointed an inspector to WFS Forestry, non-cooperation has been the order of the day. Following a money trail to the UK and Spain, Declan de Lacy is seeking court orders to track down the company's assets.

“As long as it takes”: How Corten Capital courted one of Ireland’s fastest-growing tech stars

Joe Schull is a former Warburg Pincus dealmaker who wants to redefine private equity. He talks about his investment philosophy and why his fund, Corten Capital, has bought a majority stake in Ekco, and where the Irish firm plans to go next.

Uber wants to seize on Ireland’s “outlier” taxi problem

The ride-hailing giant’s Ireland general manager Kieran Harte speaks to The Currency about the country’s taxi shortage and its pitch to government for easing the licensing regime.

Multinationals ebb and flow. Does Ireland want to become the South Korea or the Nigeria of the next technologies?

Constant hiring by technology firms has just turned into a wave of job cuts. Stephen Kinsella and Thomas Hubert discuss what this means for Ireland – and what the country should do about it.

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Patents, intellectual property and politics: A new infrastructure for our ideas

Ireland may be about to lose out on a land grab. We are in the middle of an intellectual property gold rush. Will our failure to join the creation of a new patent system bring that gold rush to an end?

Sean Keyes on investing: what bravery buys you

It's a good idea to buy stocks when the market is selling off. The same logic might even apply to bitcoin.

Sinead O’Sullivan: You’re kidding yourself if you think the financial markets are anything but Jurassic Park chaos

Control over the economy and the markets has always been a lie that we’ve sold ourselves but the one thing we can control is how we adapt. Right now, we should be looking for the many opportunities in the burning trash can of the markets.

Ponder Brexit and the Falklands: Deluded gestures can backfire spectacularly

For Argentina, taking back the Falklands proved a bloody fiasco. For the UK, taking back control is proving an economic calamity. For Ireland, the loudening clamour for a Border Poll risks unknown upheaval to no practical benefit.

Bungalow Bliss: How rural Ireland built its own homes and laid the foundations for a culture war

Before the publication of the catalogue Bungalow Bliss in 1971, the options for housing in rural Ireland consisted of inheritance, getting a place on the housing list and emigration. Fergal Lenehan talks to the author of a new book on the phenomenon.

Scale, technology, and capital: Why Liberty is retreating from the Irish insurance market

In the short term, it might make sense for FBD to bid for Liberty Insurance’s Irish business. Longer term, however, the government needs to reimagine the Irish insurance sector.

Stephen Kinsella: How to fix Ireland’s infrastructure deficit

Yes. We run over on costs. So does everyone else. Have we ever regretted building stuff? 

Sean Keyes on investing: money-burning technology companies weren’t crazy

Now that the bubble has burst, we look back in astonishment at sums investors were willing to sink into risky, money-losing projects. But the logic of superstar firms says they were right to take the risk.