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‘We’re a small organisation with 20 employees and we’re up against the entire internet’

Bellingcat describes itself as an intelligence agency for the people. Its founder Eliot Higgins has delved into the darkest stories of our times from chemical warfare in Syria to the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. But in the age of disinformation, the truth is even harder to find.

Rewilding Ireland – can an institutionalised squad and unproven coaches put the Joe Schmidt era behind them?

The modern game is about adapting to the opposition, to the laws, to the ref, to the weather, to injuries, to who's in form, and, above all, to have belief in, and a collective understanding of, what sort of team you want to be.

The pubs v FBD round two: Assessing the losses will be no easy business

The pubs that challenged FBD's stance on Covid-related business interruption cover were vindicated by the High Court. Now there is the tricky business of assessing losses, particularly around two big sticking points: partial pub closures and legal costs.

The Gowan Group is a bellwether business for the wider economy. Here is how it is performing

The family-owned Gowan Group distributes cars, invests in property and the stock market and has a massive kitchen and domestic appliances business. It has just posted results and provided commentary on Covid-19.

O’Brien on Communicorp: “I just can’t put my hand on my heart and say it is going to be great in five years’ time”

As businessman Denis O’Brien exits the Irish media sector he hits out at Sinn Féin, the HSE, and social media trolls. He also says Dublin is a “Zanussi washing machine” for multinational profits.

Bankruptcy battle: Former rugby prop Peter Clohessy fighting for his home

Former rugby international Peter Clohessy has been given a six-month window to save the family home from being sold by bankruptcy officials.

Siobhán Talbot

It’s big cheese time for Glanbia as Covid-19 gives performance brands the SlimFast treatment

Glanbia built an empire by transforming the by-products of cheese into high-tech sports and dieting foods, then saw the whole edifice wobble. As the pandemic decimates its profits, the humble cheddar is back to prop up the group.

Deloitte reviews confectionary maker Broderick’s

After blocking an examinership of the business last December, the majority shareholder in Broderick’s is carrying out a review that could lead to the sale of some or all of it.

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Tiger Woods is a man apart and a man alone

The greatest golfer the game has ever seen always faced impossible and unfair pressure from his sport to be what he was not.

What do you do if you believe a High Court judge has defamed you?

Justice Richard Humphreys is alleged to have made baseless, damaging remarks about a senior counsel and a solicitor. The judge has previously been criticised by the Supreme Court for making humiliating and insulting comments about barristers that appeared before him.

We are told SMEs are the backbone of the economy. What happens if the bone snaps?

Irish firms are behind the curve when it comes to the adoption of new tools relative to their European counterparts. So, we need to make the skills for digital adoption freely available and make the adoption of digital tools cheaper.

Bruised and battered this week, is Bitcoin the canary in the mine for modern money?

The rise of Bitcoin might ultimately be remembered as the canary in the mine of a modern money system under unbearable strain. A warning that the current experiment in unanchored money might yet collapse in anger, drama, and mistrust.

Why high interest rates suit the Central Bank just fine

Why did Ulster Bank leave? Why are Irish interest rates the highest in Europe? Capital requirements are a big part of the answer. They're intended to make the system more stable. But how much is too much?

If Liverpool think this is a crisis, they should imagine their club without Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool have been transformed by Jurgen Klopp. Many have shared the credit but he is an example of the great man theory of history.

The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment – What does it really mean for Ireland?

The low-key draft investment agreement between the EU and China is not a free trade deal, but if confirmed, it could remove barriers for Irish companies looking to move into the EU's largest trading partner.

Not coming to a town near you: a good job

What does a good job look like in the 21st Century? Will we see more of them? If we don't, is a larger welfare state, or universal basic income, the answer?