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Owen Brennan

Devenish in six graphs: The Belfast agribusiness is back in the black. What happens next?

After reporting stalled growth and heavy losses in 2020, Devenish Nutrition returned to profit last year. The group needs this to sustain growing indebtedness as it continues to bet on developing technologies.

The crusade to take down the “German gangsters” behind a €24 billion accounting fraud

The story behind the collapse of the German payment company Wirecard takes in accounting fraud, Russian mercenaries, shady ex-coppers, Turkish thugs and football agents.

Fintan Drury: Jim Fitzpatrick believed that everyone on this island could share the bounty of peace

Jim Fitzpatrick believed the nationalist community in Northern Ireland had to demand equality, but there were no circumstances, no levels of institutional malevolence, that could, for him, ever condone non-peaceful, unlawful, means. 

Lawyers in dispute over client file costs and a “tightly typed six page settlement”

Augustus Cullen Law is a leading medical negligence law firm. In 2018, the practice lost two partners and a solicitor, including equity partner Michael Boylan, a prominent legal figure. When he set up his own practice, a row ensued over money and client files.

Stripe, Nasdaq and the UK court case

Nasdaq, the American stock exchange based in New York, has initiated legal proceedings against Stripe, their payments provider in a specialist business court in the UK.

“People doing commercial law are laughing at us”: Why criminal barristers are protesting over pay

As senior public servants line up for a fresh round of pay hikes, barristers say the talent pool is dwindling in criminal practice due to "pitiful" fees that remain at 2002 levels. DPER wants proof of recruitment and retention issues.

The Irish unit of Russia’s largest leasing firm is defaulting on its bonds. Investors are lawyering up

Following recent missed payments on debts totalling $2.75 billion, bondholders including a British investment firm with Irish connections are considering their options against GTLK Europe.

How 7% of Coinbase’s Irish workforce was made redundant two weeks ago

The cryptocurrency exchange hired staff quickly – more than doubling headcount in recent months – and laid them off quickly too. On a Tuesday morning last month, staff at its Irish office found themselves looking at blank screens.

Top Voices

Ireland’s infrastructure deficit, a portrait of a billionaire inventor, and protesting barristers: Rewinding the week that was

Years of underbidding have left us with an infrastructure deficit. To overcome the deficit, we need to build more than is justified by our population growth – not less.

Paul Flynn: The cultural and systemic flaws in the GAA ensure that the melee will always be with us

In the GAA, players are conditioned to wade into brawls safe in the knowledge that the disciplinary process is not the end of the matter but only the beginning.

Eoin Morgan was a radical England captain of whom Ireland can be proud

Eoin Morgan's phenomenal success as England captain led to glowing tributes this week, but it was also a reminder of a connection between England and Ireland often lost in the online noise.

Inflation and the simplistic pre-budget economics of Budget 2023

In times of incredible economic uncertainty, the logical response would be to spend less. Resisting the political temptation to do the opposite is going to be very difficult.

Sean Keyes

Sean Keyes on investing: A grand theory of why crypto is going down

The momentum factor is a cast-off from the rest of the financial economics literature. But it seems to explain the behaviour of crypto markets pretty well.

Official Ireland can’t comprehend how fast the country is growing. That’s a big problem

Official Ireland's view is that the country will grow slowly. In reality, as the census shows, Ireland is one of the fastest-growing countries in Europe. This failure to plan for growth has had catastrophic consequences for Irish infrastructure – not least its housing.

Thomas Hubert

Thomas Hubert: The beneficiaries of a €500m subsidy scheme should not be a state secret

It is often said that Irish officialdom routinely favours landlords with better protection and more advantageous rules. The past year’s battle to obtain information on HAP recipients appears to confirm this.

Differing perspectives: Male and female candidates share their experience of the job market

Having recently surveyed female finance managers in Irish businesses, I was prompted to carry out the same exercise on their male counterparts. The numbers give an insight into how male and female professionals view the job market.