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More business in Ireland, more tax in the US: Google’s new face in a post-double Irish world

Google’s Dublin subsidiaries may have just posted exceptional once-off Irish tax bills, but the Silicon Valley giant’s strategy is now to split international corporation tax between here and the US – as the Fitbit acquisition shows.

“Bury it in the drama”: New filings shed light on Web Summit hacking claim

A confidential strategy document warned of the reputational considerations and advised Web Summit to get ahead of the story and downgrade as far as possible the alleged hacking of the Dublin Tech Summit.

“You are hustling to try and run your other business to pay the bills and build a new business at the same time”

Andrea Manning says around 60 per cent of small businesses that are hit by cybercrime go out of business within six months. And her start-up, CyberPie, is designed to help them. She outlines her pitch and her plan.

Red herrings and golden visas: the hunt for international assets in a Dublin property row

A Taiwanese businessman is fighting Victoria Homes and its lenders through the courts after he lost a €1.2 million deposit on three Dublin homes. Now De Xian Wang, who holds an immigrant investment visa, is being asked questions about his own assets.

The fourth wall comes tumbling down: Boris Johnson’s one joke no longer conceals his incompetence

Throughout his life, Boris Johnson has always believed rules are for other people but busking through the role of prime minister isn't possible and there is no chance that Johnson will change.

Dion Fanning: Manchester United have stopped fetishing tradition, but how long can they commit to their latest vision?

The appointment of Ralf Rangnick as Manchester United's interim manager should lead to an immediate improvement but those who caused the mess at Old Trafford haven't gone away.

“These are very valuable assets”: redaction of documents ruled “unsustainable” in Fota shareholder row

Chinese businessman Yuzhu Kang claims he has been defrauded of his multi-million euro shareholding in the five star Fota Resort Hotel in Cork by his business associates. The High Court says he is not allowed redact bank statements that go to the heart of the case.

Investors to weigh up HealthBeacon’s ten-fold growth predictions as it raises €25m

HealthBeacon helps patients self-administer medications. Now investors must weigh-up its tenfold growth predications, as it seeks to raise €25 million from a stock market flotation.

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Heroes, villains and speculators: Why all capital in the 21st century is fictitious

The capital markets that finance intellectual property are portrayed as heroes and the Dutch and German pensioners funding the construction of apartments in Dublin as villains. The political consensus on foreign capital has clearly come unstuck.

All citizens must be treated equally under the law, but does this happen under Personal Insolvency laws?

Under the current personal insolvency system, debtors trying to get back on track financially can experience wildly different outcomes based on their mortgage lender.

Tommie Gorman: The League of Ireland is Ireland’s league and it needs to be cherished

Ahead of the FAI Cup Final, Tommie Gorman reflects on how League of Ireland clubs are deepening their roots in the community and why the league is important for the country.

Princess Diana, Kristen Stewart and Spencer: Bringing up the bodies

The portrayal of Princess Diana by Kristen Stewart in Spencer is harrowing and raw and asks profound questions about how women are treated in society.

Paul Flynn: Protectionism has no place in the GAA if we want young people to get the most from sport

Ireland has a great advantage in sport thanks to the number of different sports so many people play. Sporting bodies need to realise the benefits of embracing all codes and the pointlessness of hostility.

Rena Maycock.

Why founding a business in Ireland can be akin to indentured servitude

The changes to the EII scheme were disappointing. The SURE scheme is anything but. And the state plough’s taxpayer’s money into companies not founded or based here. For entrepreneurship to flourish, the mindset of policymakers neds to change.

When risk intersects with reward: Why Ireland needs a new risk register

Risk mobilises only concern, not action. Angst alone moves nothing forward. As Ireland – as both a society and an economy – moves forward, we need to think about the way we view risk, and how we can turn risks into opportunities.

Sean Keyes on investing: The ECB has lost the dressing room

If the markets and the people don't trust the central bank, it's much harder for it to do its job. And the ECB lost the markets' trust long ago.