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Tracker mortgage “scapegoat”: Guinane’s lawyers ask the question – why him?

The Central Bank inquiry against former PTSB chief executive David Guinane over the handling of tracker mortgages is a breach of his rights, his legal team claims.

Owen Brennan

Irish entrepreneurs back Devenish at £100m valuation

The long quest for equity investment is finally bearing fruit at the indebted livestock nutrition group. It took the sale of its research farm and improved terms for new shareholders, though.

Ronan Group fails in bid to quash €315,000 unpaid vacant site levy bill from council

A company in Johnny Ronan's real estate stable appealed Dublin City’s demand for payment on a Dublin 6 site for the second year running. It disputes the €4.5 million valuation and now owes the council a six-figure sum.

Draining the double malt: How Microchip’s Irish-taxed profit topped $1bn for the first time

As the multinational chipmaker moves the registered office of a key holding company from Ireland to Malta, its Irish tax bill is surging. What exactly is happening?

Capitalising: How CircleRock has brought in new venture partners to scale its business

Founded by Conor Sharpe and Barry O’Neill, CircleRock Capital hopes to back up to 25 companies this year. It has just hired four experienced new venture partners to help it get there.

Riverdance star personally assured accountant €30m claim would not proceed, court hears

A summons was invalidly served on a British financial advisor alleged to have acted as a broker for Flatley in a 2018 insurance settlement, the High Court has ruled. The accountant claims Flatley told him he would drop the case against him.

“It’s the best possible start we could have”: online safety goes live at Coimisiún na Meáin

The EU Digital Services Act to tackle disinformation and harmful activities online came into force at the weekend. That could mean an onslaught of cases for new media regulator Coimisiún na Meáin and its digital services commissioner John Evans.

Enda McDonagh’s call to action: “There are huge changes coming for businesses”

A major survey of Irish and global CEOs by PwC unveils a wide range of concerns. From AI to climate to regulation, companies are facing unprecedented challenges and re-invention is the new norm.

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Don’t blame hotels for Dublin’s housing shortage – build more instead

Dublin City Council has refused planning permission for central hotel developments on the grounds that they’re not needed in the areas, missing the point that failure to build hotel rooms puts renewed pressure on existing housing stocks.

Peter Kinsella: Why I am buying the FTSE

UK stocks are seriously undervalued and set to benefit from upcoming decreases in interest rates and from more stable politics after this year’s election. The signs are there after Labour's double by-election victory.

Germany and us: Rewinding the week that was

From the rise of the far right to dealing with energy shocks and EU plans for the harmonisation of corporation tax, Ireland has a lot to gain by keeping a close eye on developments in Berlin.

Germany leads the moral uprising as the ghost of fascism casts its shadow across Europe

Germans have taken to the streets in mass protests against the far-right AfD party. There is now a growing need for a widespread pro-democracy coalition throughout Europe including Ireland, Fergal Lenehan writes from Leipzig.

The maths behind an 18% drop in SME valuations

If you wanted to sell your business last year, you had to lower the price you were willing to accept. Here's the specifics of why company valuations fell.

Data centres and debt: What the €2.5bn Echelon deal means for the industry’s value

The Irish company accounts for one in 10MW of national data centre capacity. Its deal with Starwood Capital indicates the scale of investment involved.

Stephen Kinsella: How to wreck Ireland in five simple steps

The country is in good shape. We’re better off than most of the nations around us and many aspects of our lives and businesses are the envy of our European neighbours. We’ve never had it so good, but we can still make a mess of it.

Sean Keyes on investing: Industry is draining out of Europe

One thing the European economy has always had going for it is its strong industrial sector. But thanks to bad luck, and a few big policy blunders, that's changing very quickly.