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Things fall apart – Champagne Football and the calamitous reign of John Delaney

'Champagne Football' is an astonishing story of how a man rose through an understanding of how Ireland operates and, more precisely, how Ireland can be operated.

Recruitment battle: Mason Alexander launches case against two former employees and their new start-up

Backed by rugby player Rob Kearney, Mason Alexander is a growing presence in the HR market. It has now launched a case against two former employees in the Irish courts, along with the company they have co-founded.

Fiscally speaking: When Stephen Kinsella met Paschal Donohoe

Two days after a landmark €17.75bn budget designed to protect the economy from a pandemic, economist Stephen Kinsella spoke with Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe about budgetary philosophy, the economics of deficits, and the power of the state.

“This is a very sad day but the right decision if we wanted to survive in these very difficult conditions”

As a child, Richard Barron used to work in his family’s fashion store on Grafton Street at weekends and during the holidays. Yesterday, as part of a plan to halve the size of the Pamela Scott chain, he was forced to shutter the landmark store, along with 11 others. He explains why it was necessary.

“We need to keep businesses alive and give them a fighting chance of coming through this”

Michael McGrath has just co-authored an unprecedented €17.75bn budget package. Now, he wants to ensure he gets value for the money. Here, he explains how, and also discusses the new business supports for business, Brexit trade talks and the impact of the new Covid-19 restrictions.

The HSE was sued when a €7.5m emergency ventilator deal collapsed last March. Now it’s the IDA’s turn

Ireland's agency for foreign direct investment is being blamed for the HSE's withdrawal from a contract to buy critical ventilators. The Irish medical supplies firm who lost out on the deal now wants the IDA to pay damages.

Debt and defamation: How Ireland is at the centre of an international asset chase over Amsterdam hotel deal

Felix Grovit was a Indian-UK foreign exchange tycoon. Hendrik Jansen is a wealthy hotelier who claimed Grovit owed him €15m. Neither have Irish interests. Yet, a High Court defamation battle in Dublin remains is crucial to the dispute.

Booking a write-down: Eason pulls property sale as iconic building falls 40% in value

Eason has written down the value of its remaining properties including its iconic O’Connell Street store in Dublin 1 from €46 million to €27.6 million because of Covid-19. What does this mean for the retailer and its shareholders?

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Once again, the eurozone economy is starting to lag that of the US

The world's three big economies – the eurozone, the US and China – have started to diverge. As usual, the eurozone is lagging behind.

Rena Maycock.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s talk about the violent frustration that many seed-stage founders feel in Ireland

The state is putting up €30m to help fund start-ups. Before it disappears, very clear definitions need to be applied about what type of company qualifies for this money - and it should go to the firms with the fewest funding options.

Thomas Hubert

Green shoots in budget 2021? Government shows intent with funding for home retrofits and public transport

As budgetary caution evaporates under the Covid-19 shock, energy efficiency, buses and trains are getting funded like never before. Can these new environmental priorities survive into the future?

When you absolutely must stimulate all economic sectors using ultra-cheap borrowed cash, accept no substitutes

The Budget 2021 trade-off is between spending big now and consolidating later. The government will have to work hard not to make that consolidation look and feel like austerity.

What are the limits of a budget minister’s power?

In the run-up to budget 2021, a debate is raging between those who think big and those who think very, very big. What constraints are Paschal Donohoe and Michael McGrath under?

Sinn Féin has proposed its alternative Budget. Do the numbers add up?

Sinn Féin’s tax-raising proposals fish from a small pool of individuals – those earning over €100,000, those inheriting property worth more than €302,000, those with second houses, those buying expensive houses, those with assets in excess of €1 million and those with private pensions. But does it all add up?

Feargal O’Rourke: My ten thoughts for our Budget ministers

What do I want to see in the Budget? A Vat reduction for hospitality. Changes to CGT and examinership laws. A new digital upskilling programme. A new tax commission. And lots of ambition and leadership.

Facing a tsunami of job losses, we need policies to help homegrown Innovation-Driven Enterprises flourish

MIT coined the phrase Innovation-Driven Enterprises to differentiate them from traditional SMEs. And amid the threats of Covid-19, Brexit and global tax reform, we are going to need them more than ever. That will require a change of official thinking and the introduction of new policies.