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Growth in EV sales help take Harris Group to top commercial sales spot

Under the leadership of Denise Harris, the company is pushing into the commercial EV vehicle space. New motor industry figures show that the decision is starting to bear fruit.

Echelon’s Molloy on the next wave of data centres and jobs, and how to get them

Echelon Data Centres founder Niall Molloy says global tech giants are making decisions now on the location of the computing power needed for the AI revolution – it is a big opportunity if Ireland can overcome "extreme zealotry" in policymaking.

Numra is wasting no time in targeting the US market and has €1.5m to kickstart the push

After selling Peblo to Wayflyer, David Kearney’s AI start-up Numra has closed a seed round led by Elkstone and has eyes on internationalising ASAP.

The benefits of being late: Why international offshore wind operators are circling Ireland

Ireland remains years behind European peers on offshore wind. But development giants like Denmark's Ørsted and the UK's Corio Generation believe that lag can help this country avoid the "same mistakes" made by earlier adopters.

A “clear misuse” of the tax code: Court rules against high-roller avoidance scheme

The scheme involved a web of German bond transactions that produced artificial losses to offset taxes. The Revenue action was a test case against media investor Dermot Hanrahan and the ruling will have implications for other taxpayers.

Houses of the Oireachtas Commission takes legal action against the DPC

The body overseeing the running of the Dáil and Seanad is appealing an enforcement notice brought against it by the data protection watchdog.

The idea behind the idea: Rory Hamilton on the best brand campaigns’ creative process

The co-founder of Boys + Girls has worked on some of the most creative brand marketing in recent years. He talks about where the ideas come from and how they led to his favourite campaigns.

“Be committed to your strategy and deliver. If you do that, the equity price will follow”

DCC delivered its 30th full-year financial results today since it listed on the stock market. Its chief executive Donal Murphy explains how the business has grown consistently and what it wants to do next.

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Stephen Kinsella: Migration is not temporary. It is forever

There are three big reasons migration is forever: Our economy will continue to need migrants, inward migration is rising secularly over the last decade into Europe thanks to waves of conflict and change, and millions more will be further displaced by climate change in the coming years.   

Ireland’s two biggest listed companies have left for New York. How are they getting on?

American investors pay a higher multiple for a given set of cash flows, which has attracted CRH and Flutter’s listings. Their financial data is now coming in.

John Looby: The destructive idiocy of narrow nationalism must be defeated

The collective approach promoted by Keynes lost out in 1919, ushering in a Second World War – but triumphed in 1944 and resulted in decades of prosperity. Its lessons are just as valid in today's world.

Europe is preparing yet another round of Russian sanctions. What will it mean for Russia, the EU, and energy prices?

The proposed sanctions come as the bloc is under increasing pressure from Ukraine to boost its military support. But could it just harden Russia’s position?

Paul McArdle: Gateway to America opens up as Irish networkers launch “friend-raising” mission

A group of Irish business leaders recently completed a three-city swing across the US aimed at forging deeper links with their American counterparts. It is one of the most significant annual interfacing events in the transatlantic business calendar.

Banking on an SME problem: Rewinding the week that was

Conor Sheridan is lending money to businesses that traditional banks are afraid of. And in the long term, that is going to hurt the banks. When you separate the rhetoric from the reality, you can see why he saw the opportunity in the first place.

Paul Flynn: The Provincial Championships’ search for meaning

In Dublin, we saw the provincials as a way of charting our journey. One more step towards the All-Ireland but they were steps for ourselves in preparing for the epic games to come. By the end, the provincial final in Leinster had no other meaning. 

Shooting the werewolf: Maybe there was a silver bullet for Irish SMEs all along

Government policies driving up labour costs provide welcome levelling up for vulnerable workers. When small businesses can’t afford them, the State could simply pick up the tab.