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In a show of solidarity, a Dublin boxing club will this week compete against Ukrainian fighters

Boxing coach and Dublin sports officer Igor Khmil has invited over a squad from Ukraine, led by Ivan Yarovyi for an exhibition contest this weekend. It is a show of solidarity for his home country, and a chance to provide some brief normality to those travelling.

Delivering the baked goods: Aryzta’s turnaround in seven graphs

Two years on from a boardroom coup, Swiss and German directors have taken the group behind Cuisine de France out of America and into the black – or just about. Despite its exposure to inflation, Aryzta’s boss Urs Jordi is confident its recovery will continue.

Paul McArdle: How to do an exit interview

The information you get through exit interviews is both valuable and timely. But to get the real benefit, there are things that you need to do - and plenty you must avoid.

Tracworx wants to rid the world of single-use packaging. A host of heavy-hitting investors are backing them to do it

Asset tracking firm Tracworx is currently working on trials with four major international companies, while it has just raised €2m from a host of well-known VCs and angel investors. Its founders lay out their plans.

Limits to the power of a finance minister, Budget 2023, and Ireland’s capacity deficit: Rewinding the week that was

Ireland's fascination with the budget is a holdover from straitened times, years ago, when money truly was the bottleneck. Back then the limit was how much money could be raised in tax, and how much the financial markets were willing to lend the state.

“This was the most complex budget I’ve done – but not the most demanding”

Having delivered Budget 2023, Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe speaks candidly about his time in office – from achievements to regrets. He also talks about the specifics of the budget, the future of taxation, and governing in a time of crises.

“I had been scheduled to go and see him with the kids in March 2020 and I cancelled it because of that new virus but I wish I’d gone.”

Emma Donoghue talks to Dion Fanning in the latest episode of Experience about the death of her father, feeling like an orphan and ideology versus pragmatism.

A terrifying leap into the unknown as sport comes to terms with the extent and consequences of brain injury in contact games

The consequences of brain injury in sport can be terrifying, while governing bodies may be facing an unknown number of future claims.

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Lessons from GDPR: Ireland and the new wave of EU digital regulation

The European Commission’s competition and digital regulation boss Margrethe Vestager came to Dublin on the back of passing a raft of new legislation to police the internet this summer. If Ireland doesn’t take a more active role in the patrol, she says she’ll do it herself.

Fintan Drury: Brian Mullins was defined by his kindness

Brian Mullins was a four-time All Ireland winner, an imposing man to face in competitive battle and the hardest of taskmaster’s as a coach but he valued participation above competition during his time as Director of Sport at UCD and it may be where he made the greatest mark of all.

How a lawyer from Limerick helped sell Chelsea and AC Milan, while bringing Barcelona and Spotify together

Ian Lynam had no dreams of becoming a sports lawyer, but from one deal with Arsenal and a belief that US sport represented the path to progress, he has set up the UK's pre-eminent sports law firm. Fintan Drury talks to him about representing Marcus Rashford, the sale of Chelsea and the future for rugby.

A €100m fine for Bank of Ireland over its treatment of tracker customers — but why has it shed €710m in two days?

Yesterday, the Central Bank announced a record €100.5 million fine for Bank of Ireland over its treatment of customers on tracker mortgages. The fine, however, doesn't explain the 9.6 per cent drop in the bank's market value since Wednesday.

A fiasco in the UK, and the return of the bond vigilantes

The combination of higher yields and weaker sterling says the market is expecting much higher inflation in the UK. For mortgage holders, it's a scary prospect.


Sean Keyes on investing: a budget conundrum

The Minister for Finance frets that Ireland is over reliant on a handful of multinationals. But without more housing, any effort to diversify our industrial base won't work.

Populism, pragmatism, and prudence: the architecture behind the €11bn budgetary package

The cost-of-living crisis was clearly, and rightly, the dominant factor behind this Budget. But it was not the only factor. This Budget was also political. With Sinn Féin rising in the polls, it also needed to send a strong message.

Crammer households, emigration, and a failure to provide younger adults with rental housing

Over 60% of 18–34-year-olds in Ireland live with their parents, compared to just one in six Danes. And just 4% of Irish 18–24-year-olds in Ireland live alone or with a partner, compared to two thirds of Swedes. We have failed our younger adults in housing.