Hi there, and welcome to The Context!

One of the questions I get asked a lot is “what are you reading right now?”. 

Ok, so there are two big problems associated with reading books. The first is that a lot of people seem to struggle to find really great books, and end up reading the NYT Bestseller list. I mean, there is nothing wrong with that, but a lot of the time those aren’t very interesting. In fact, the mainstream ideas contained within these books are often how they become bestsellers most of the time. 

The second problem, and the one that I suffer from, is that I read a great book and have nobody to discuss it with. Like, the ideas are just stuck in my brain. Alone. And then they leave.

I’m going to try to solve both of these problems. So, welcome to The Context, my book club for Currency readers! 

The Context

I read an enormous number of books. Most are OK, a lot are bad, and a select few are extraordinarily good.

The Context book club is a list of the books that I have found to be extraordinarily good. They are the books that I promise you will appreciate spending your precious time reading. As we go through the books, you’ll notice that these books have a massive range in topics and ideas that they cover: there isn’t too much in common between the books, other than (1) they’re nonfiction, (2) they’re all books I excitingly devoured in one sitting (3) these are all books that made me think about or see the world slightly differently after reading!

How It Works

Ok so here’s the deal! We’re going to start with a series of six books that I’ve curated. 

  1. I’m going to publish the full list of books and then you go and buy them
  2. Each book will have a two-week reading period, that will start with a podcast with the book’s author, discussing some of the themes in the book
  3. Have fun reading the book!

It’s simple.

List of Books

  1. Disrupting Time by Aaron Stark
  2. The Levelling by Michael O’Sullivan
  3. The Art of Forgery by Noah Charney
  4. Chip War by Chris Miller 
  5. Our Lives in Their Portfolios by Brett Christophers
  6. Money Men by Dan McCrum

You can listen to The Context on The Currency app, in the podcasts tab.