Multinational tax reform is on the home stretch, with negotiations facilitated by the OECD aiming for an October 2021 deadline. Stay ahead of the curve with our unrivalled coverage of the global tax talks and their local implications.

Exclusive interviews

26th Sep, 2019 – Paschal Donohoe: “We can come out of the next round of global tax reform in a stable position and in a position where we are able to continue to offer a competitive proposition to international and domestic companies”

10th Oct, 2019 – Exclusive interview with OECD tax head: “Is the surge in Irish corporation tax sustainable? No. It is not.”

3rd Jul, 2020 – The chairman: Revenue boss Niall Cody on multinationals, tax probes and Covid-19

Step-by-step coverage of the twists and turns of global negotiations

2nd Apr, 2021 – As Biden confronts Ireland’s tax advantage, Microsoft values its Dublin office at $300bn. What happens next?

19th May, 2021 – Later but stricter: From green jersey to Section 110 vehicles, EU tax chiefs have Ireland in their crosshairs

21st May, 2021 – Endgame: the whirlwind week that set the scene for corporation tax’s final showdown

21st Jul, 2021 – A tale of two Pasc(h)als: Inside the global corporation tax showdown

8th Oct, 2021 – Making the global tax deal “effective”: why Ireland needs a seat at the table now

Pillar one, Pillar two, 12.5%, 15% – what the proposals on the table really mean

13th Oct, 2020 – Ireland, Trump and the OECD’s $100bn global corporate tax revolution: OECD publishes two-pillar reform blueprint

21st Apr, 2021 – Google decided to move $14bn in annual profits to the US rather than Ireland. Is this the new world order?

9th Jul, 2021 – What would Google, Microsoft, and Facebook’s Irish tax bills look like at a 15% rate?

In-depth analysis and discussion

11th Nov, 2019 – What would the new OECD proposals for a minimum corporate tax mean for Ireland? Two words: less tax

10th Jun, 2021  – What will the global tax changes really change? And how should Ireland respond?

14th Apr, 2021 – Podcast: Is Biden’s tax reform “an asteroid coming towards the financial situation of the state”?

6th Oct, 2021 – Corporation tax showdown: 15% it is. Then comes all the rest

Expert views

5th Feb, 2020 – French Ambassador Stéphane Crouzat: “If there is no solution at OECD level, corporation tax will come back at EU level”

31st Mar, 2021 – Alan Connell, managing partner of Eversheds Sutherland: “I would see Ireland continuing to be a jurisdiction of choice for holding IP”

Incisive opinions

2nd Jan, 2020 – Stephen Kinsella: We are on the cusp of a Thunberg moment in global tax, where we say ‘no more, we have to change’

11th Jun, 2021 – Peter Kinsella: Regime change and corporate tax reform – Ireland should look to Switzerland for inspiration

16th Jul, 2021 – Thomas Hubert: Ireland can have its cake at 12.5% and eat it at 15%