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Stephen Kinsella: Budget 2022 should have been a transition budget. It wasn’t

We are spending more money than we have ever spent before as a state. But where is all the spending taking us? This was an incremental budget, not a transition budget, and that is a mistake.

“The Budget is the economic event of the year. But the OECD decision was the most important for years to come”

In Budget week, the Minister for Finance must account for the details in his budget. But Paschal Donohoe is also concerned with how the centre must adapt in a changed world. He talks about how his politics, and his budgets, have evolved.

Vision, implementation and children: When Stephen Kinsella met Michael McGrath

As Minister for Public Expenditure, Michael McGrath has overseen one of the biggest spending packages in the history of the state. As Minister for Reform, he also must ensure the state gets value for money. He talks policy, politics and the public sector with Stephen Kinsella.

The zoned land tax: a belated plan to jemmy up extra housing supply

Land value taxes are the dream of every urban economist. But they’re too unpopular to enact. The zoned land tax is a small step in their direction.

You won’t find a theme or a narrative in Budget 2022. But the economic turnaround is utterly remarkable

The admirable fiscal prudence should not shield the lack of blue sky thinking in Budget 2022. The key now will be to ensure that the growth in spending is matched by an improvement in services.

A business budget? The money is small, but the devil will be in the actual detail

This is clearly not an anti-business Budget. But many of the pro-business schemes are marginal, have limited exposure to the Exchequer and their finer detail needs to be worked out.

Instead of fiddling with EIIS, or spraying money around through state-backed funds, why not just cut capital taxes ?

Low corporation tax built Ireland’s FDI machine. But our other capital taxes are among the OECD’s highest. Why not run the same play again instead of tweaking with EIIS?