Are you looking to buy someone a thoughtful gift this Christmas? Maybe we can help.

Since we launched in September 2019, we have published more than 2,500 interviews, investigations, columns and podcasts. And you can give someone access to each and every one of them – plus all our new content – by gifting them an annual membership to The Currency.

Stylishly packaged, a gift membership explains what The Currency is and makes it easy for recipients to set up their membership.

We can send a stylishly packaged gift by post to an address of your choice or we can send a personalised email directly to the recipient of the gift. The choice is yours. An annual gift membership costs €200.

Once activated, the membership grants full access to all our articles. This can be accessed either through our website or through our App.

Contact us at [email protected] to inquire about acquiring a gift membership. Price includes VAT at 9 per cent.